Analysis: Pirates failed to foreshadow where the Andrew McCutchen trade market was headed


SFG Receive: Andrew McCutchen, $2.5 million in cash considerations PIT Receive: RHP Kyle Crick, minor league OF Bryan Reynolds, $500,000 International Bonus Pool The Pittsburgh Pirates either had to go all-in this off-season and stretch the payroll, which was never going happen with Bob Nutting as the owner, or start the process of a re-tool. With the way Bob Nutting operates, an Andrew McCutchen trade was always going to happen at some point, but with an iconic player like McCutchen it still doesn’t make it any easier for the fan base to accept. “The reality is, he had one year left in Pittsburgh under the best of circumstances,” GM Neal Huntington said of McCutchen. “As a result, with where we are in the win curve, the Gerrit Cole trade did not dramatically impact our potential to win the World Series this year. This trade does not dramatically impact our potentialRead More »

Will a McCutchen to San Francisco trade eventually get done this month?


Is Andrew McCutchen San Francisco bound? With Jay Bruce headed to the New York Mets, the on again-off again trade talks between the San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates are said to be back on. In what the Pirates believe was an attempt to sell Giancarlo Stanton on accepting a trade to San Francisco, the Giants went hard after McCutchen in November and nearly secured a deal for the former MVP but after Stanton spurned San Francisco, the Giants pulled back on pursuing McCutchen to evaluate other options. Now the Giants

Huntington on Shohei Ohtani: “We will do everything in our power to sell the city of Pittsburgh”


Pirates GM Neal Huntington appeared on 937 The Fan this evening and confirmed to the show the Pirates will be among the likely 30 teams making a presentation to top free agent Shohei Ohtani. Most interesting from Huntington’s interview with Joe Starkey and Chris Mueller is how he couldn’t hide how giddy he is of hoping the Pirates are granted a second interview after the initial presentation all teams are granted. “We will do everything in our power to sell city of Pittsburgh,” Huntington said of Ohtani.