Pirates to explore the trade market?


Expect to see the Pirates more involved in the trade market than the free agent market. The Pirates are looking to restock their system and will listen to offers for just about everybody. The Pirates will be players at the GM meetings and a lot of names will be rumored It is very unlikely that Nate McLouth will be moved. The Yankees have considerable interest but it‚Äôs going to take a package of Robinson Cano, Ian Kennedy for the Pirates to move McLouth. The Marlins have also made an inquiry The Rangers, Rockies, Mets, and Yankees have interest in Ian Snell. The Braves have also shown interest and if they miss out on Jake Peavy they may explore making a play for Snell and signing a bigger name in free agency like Derek Lowe. Still, just as it is with McLouth, the Pirates asking price is high with Snell. TheRead More »

MLB Insider: Hermida & Young on Pirates radar?


The market for Jack Wilson is strong and six teams have expressed interest but that number will get smaller once free agency begins. The top two shortstops on the market will be Orlando Cabrera and Rafael Furcal. Once those two are off the board, it will become apparent where Wilson could end up. Check the MLB Chart for the list of teams. Cleveland is among four teams to express interest in Freddy Sanchez The New York Mets are a potential landing spot for John Grabow

2009 MLB Draft Order


The Pirates will select #4 in next years draft which is expected to be pitching heavy Protected First-Round Picks 1. Nationals (59-102) 2. Mariners (61-101) 3. Padres (63-99) 4. Pirates (67-95) 5. Orioles (68-93) 6. Giants (72-90) 7. Braves (72-90) 8. Reds (74-88) 9. Tigers (74-88) 10. Nationals (compensation for failure to sign 2008 first-rounder Aaron Crow) 11. Rockies (74-88) 12. Royals (75-87) 13. Athletics (75-86) 14. Rangers (79-83) 15. Indians (81-81) 16. Diamondbacks (82-80)

MLB: Yankees haven’t contacted the Pirates – yet


There has been a lot of speculation in recent weeks that the New York Yankees will make an serious attempt to acquire Nate McLouth during the off-season. Thus far, there has been no dialogue between the two sides but once the post-season ends the Yankees will likely make a strong pitch for McLouth. The Pirates looking to restock their system will listen to offers for anyone on their roster. Prospect Andrew McClutchen is expected to be the teams everyday centerfielder in 09. McLouth will likely move to left or right field. The Pirates are exploring the trade market for a power corner outfielder. Florida’s Jeremy Hermida is at the top of their wishlist Source: NY Post

Pirates to target OF Hermida again?


Free Preview: Inside Access The 2008 season is over for the Pirates and just like the last 16 years it is a season they would like to forget. The Pirates won their season finale today 6-1 to finish the season 67-95. Now it is time to look ahead to the off-season and some quick hits on a few players the Pirates may target.

MLB: Boras & Alvarez in Pittsburgh?


Scott Boras and Pedro Alvarez are in downtown Pittsburgh today according to the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette. Alvarez and the Pirates have renegotiated their previous deal and the two sides appear close to finalizing a 4 year deal with a signing bonus worth close $6.4 million. The deal includes a MLB contract and the whole situation stemmed back to Alvarez not receiving an MLB contract. Source Pittsburgh Post-Gazette