Cole, McCutchen both play into the narratives surrounding both in season opener loss


Two of the Pirates most important players who the team must get rebound seasons from to be even a threat to make the playoffs played into the narrative surrounding both in the 5-3 season opener loss to the Boston Red Sox. Narrative 1: Gerrit Cole is not an ace Narrative 2: Andrew McCutchen’s 2016 season is who he is now. At least that’s narrative surrounding McCutchen from baseball folks. Cole getting pounded after a fantastic first four innings was the type of start that has started to make the fifth year veteran a frustrating pitcher to some. The second, third time hitters see him in game, the opportunity for a bad inning increases with Cole that doesn’t have him going long enough in games. That’s how things played out in the opener. In a positive sign Cole was bringing the heat in a big way. Hitting 98, 99 but whereRead More »

Pirates going with Tyler Glasnow as 5th starter


Tyler Glasnow is officially the Pirates 5th starter. The Pirates released the news tonight following a 1-1 tie against the Blue Jays in Montreal tonight. With the demotions this week of Steven Brault and Drew Hutchison, the final decision came down to Glasnow and Trevor Williams but the writing was on the wall the last couple days that Glasnow was going to be the guy. Glasnow who entered last season as one of the top-10 prospects in baseball, has lost some of that buzz surrounding him as doubts have emerged from evaluations and even the Pirates organization to some extent about him being a potential front-line starter that led to his name being floated in trade talks for Jose Quintana. Glasnow now has an opportunity to quiet the critics in what was the right move to start him in Pittsburgh. Trevor Williams will start the season in Pittsburgh as a reliever. Pirates Rotation 1. GerritRead More »

Drew Hutchison goes from frontrunner for 5th spot to no-brainer to being demoted


So it was inevitable today that Drew Hutchison was either going to placed on the 15-day DL with a fake injury such as shoulder fatigue or sent to the minors outright. Hutchison with a third straight disaster of an outing in allowing nine runs on 10 hits put the organization in a tough spot for a player due $2.3 million this season who they have had all intentions of being the No. 5 starter despite the so-called ‘open competition’. Neal Huntington had publicly said spring training numbers are one of the least determining factors for players earning a roster spot but it would have been such a bad look for the organization to hand Hutchison a roster spot right now that they had no choice but to send him to the minors. Hutchison allowed 21 runs on 27 hits over his final three spring training starts. The way his fastballRead More »

Too Little, Too Late for Glasnow?


Too Little, Too Late for Glasnow? LATEST BUZZ [Brault has support of Pirates coaches for No. 5 ] [ Kang Latest] [Kuhl has stranglehold on #4 spot] The vibe surrounding Tyler Glasnow when the Pirates reported to spring training is he would need a lights out camp to start the season in Pittsburgh. A month later things remain status quo. A promising start from Glasnow on Saturday is not expected to change much on which direction the Pirates are leaning. However, there is an internal battle brewing for the No. 5 spot and it doesn’t necessarily involve Glasnow. Pirates coaches are pushing for

Rumors: Glasnow will need lights out spring training to start season in Pittsburgh


Pirates Rotation already pre-determined? The Pirates have entered spring training with three locks in the rotation, Gerrit Cole, Ivan Nova and Jameson Taillon, while Chad Kuhl has the inside track for the No. 4 rotation spot. Where does Tyler Glasnow fall into the picture? Glasnow will be in the Pirates organization to start the regular season as the team has pulled out of trade talks for Jose Quintana but there’s doubts he’ll be in Pittsburgh when April comes around. Pirate reporter Chris Mack of 937 The Fan wrote yesterday there was no ease dropping of names from Clint Hurdle when discussing the 5th starter. That is likely be design. “There’s no free pass,” Hurdle said of Glasnow via 937 The Fan. “He’s gotta go out and compete and show some improvement in some areas here. We’ve got other guys who are in competition as well. He’s well aware of it,Read More »

Pirates pushing McCutchen trade hard again, targeting Quintana in separate deal


Big Splash to come from Pirates? The Pirates ultimate plan this off-season was to trade Andrew McCutchen and his $14 million a year salary for a prospect heavy return that would have the Pirates putting that money into the starting rotation, via trade and free agency. Today the Pirates resigned Ivan Nova to a three year, $26 million contract, which averages out to $8.6 million per season. The Pirates top trade target, White Sox ace Jose Quintana is scheduled to make $6 million in 2017. It’s still early enough in the off-season where the Pirates Plan A could still fall into place by spring training. Despite the face the Pirates have put on in the past two weeks in telling anyone who will listen that they expect Andrew McCutchen to be a Pirate in 2017, the Pirates desire is to still trade McCutchen before the season starts. The team rightRead More »