Steelers are done with Antonio Brown


Whether it’s a trade or an out-right release, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 100% done with Antonio Brown. The decision has been made from ownership to move on from Brown in March. Antonio Brown and his agent Drew Rosenhaus are fully aware Brown has played his last down as a Steeler. Today’s social media post in saying “time to move on” from Brown was him just trying to continue to get out in front of things as the ultimate goal for Brown is to be released. Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus informed the Steelers in late January that Brown preferred to move on with an official trade demand in writing happening over the last couple days.

Antonio Brown involved in a domestic dispute


Trouble continues to follow Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown…… The latest is Brown being involved in a domestic dispute in January that cops investigated. FROM TMZ: Pittsburgh Steelers superstar Antonio Brown was involved in a domestic dispute in January — but he was NOT arrested … TMZ Sports has confirmed with police. Our sources tell us a woman contacted the Hollywood Police Dept. in Florida in mid-January and made a report alleging misconduct by Brown. The details surrounding her allegations are unclear — but we know cops investigated. A rep for the Hollywood Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports, “Mr. Brown was involved in a domestic dispute. No arrests were made.”

Rumors: Steelers hopeful of trading Lev Bell?


Le’Veon Bell took control from the Steelers in 2018 by sitting out the season. Will the Steelers look to do the same to Bell this off-season? There’s been back and fourth discussions in the Steelers organization of tagging Bell once again but not with the mindset of him returning to the Steelers in 2019 on a long-term deal. Many will argue the Steelers need to just totally move on and not have any tag amount holding up their cap situation, but the Steelers might be eyeing another tag on Bell to setup a trade. CBS Jason LaCanfora reports “the Steelers were advised NFL management Council that they can utilize another tag on the running back in 2019, sources said, and the transition tag remains a quite likely scenario. That would be the precursor to an eventual trade with the Jets and Eagles potential landing spots.”

Antonio Brown keeps getting more bizzare


With one foot out the door in Pittsburgh, Antonio Brown looking more bizarre every time he’s on camera, said tonight at Super Bowl week in a dazed manner that “he wants to win” and “doesn’t matter where”. “I just want to win, play with a team, I just want to win,” Brown said. Antonio Brown shows off a new look and gives his take on where he’d prefer to play in 2019. #EASportsBowl — USA TODAY Sports (@usatodaysports) February 1, 2019 As the Steelers has signaled to clubs they will begin engaging in substantive trade talks in a few weeks, teams with possible interest have been on gathering intel rigorously on Brown’s off field habits, who he hangs out with, where he parties, ect. With a player who has questionable character traits like Brown, teams have been known to even go as far as hiring private investigators to gatherRead More »

NFL Rumors: Pryor looking to re-establish value in Pittsburgh?


Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert have always been fond of Terrelle Pryor but things have never matched up where either side connected. Could that change this off-season? “I would love the opportunity,” Pryor said in a radio interview at Super Bowl week of playing for the Steelers. “I believe if I played with them and there’s a couple other teams on my mind, but if I played with them, I’ll be right back on the map and I think I’d have success.” Pryor, 29, had 16 receptions for 252 yards and 2 touchdowns in 2018. He’s looking for the right situation to get back to that 2016 level. In 2016 Pryor had a 77 catch, 1,007 yard season with 4 touchdowns. He’s now likely entering the off-season as a vet-minimum player to re-establish his value.

Rumors: Jets concerned about Lev Bell’s level of motivation with a big pay day


The New York Jets have over $95 million in cap space and they’ve been tabbed for months by Le’Veon Bell and the agent as the team that will help set the market price for Bell in free agency, where Bell is said to be obsessed with landing a $100 million contract. Something Bell will not get but the Bell camp is short-sighted enough where they believe they’re going to find a $90-$100 million contract from somebody. That’s at least what they kept portraying to the Steelers in talks last summer. Over the last two years in negotiations with the Steelers, Bell’s demands went from $12 million a year (number the agent/Steelers verbally agreed to a deal in July 2017 before Bell nixed the contract) to a counter of $15 million a year to $18 million a year last July. The asking price will now be around $20 million a yearRead More »

Steelers plan to pay $2 million roster bonus to Chris Boswell in March


Art Rooney II last week cited the kicking game as the biggest reason the Steelers did not make the post-season in 2018. Once a kicker is mentally fried like Chris Boswell was, you move on, but the contract Pittsburgh dished out to Boswell prior to the 18 season will give Boswell another shot at keeping his job in 19. The Steelers for now plan to pay a $2 million roster bonus to Boswell due on March 17th and bring him into training camp. Releasing Boswell would cost the Steelers $4.8 million in dead money. “I would say at a minimum that Kevin Colbert and his group will be looking to bring in some competition with Chris Boswell,” Rooney said Wednesday on a conference call with fans in citing he “expects” Boswell to be in camp. “I think they’ll make something happen there and at least give him some competition.” MattRead More »

Rumors: Morgan Burnett out, Eric Weddle In?


MUTUAL INTEREST EXPECTED BETWEEN STEELERS, WEDDLE Morgan Burnett out, Eric Weddle in? It will be a situation to watch for the Steelers in free agency. The Steelers plan to release Burnett next month (where’s James Jones going to get his Steelers locker room scoops now?). Weddle, 34, is best friends with Ben Roethlisberger and both players pushed hard for Weddle to join the Steelers in 2016 but the Steelers brass was not willing to make a long-term commitment. This off-season could be different where the Steelers would strongly consider Weddle on a one year deal. There’s no doubt Ben Roethlisberger, whose pull in the organization continues to grow, will be pushing for the team sign Weddle again. Weddle scheduled to make $6.5 million in 2019, is a candidate to be released in Baltimore if he doesn’t agree to a paycut. “I’m not sure if things are going to get workedRead More »

Support for Antonio Brown among core players getting stronger?


“TIME HEALS EVERYTHING” Is the support for Antonio Brown among his teammates much stronger than first believed? Just last week you had multiple teammates ‘liking’ a post from Antonio Brown shaking Art Rooney II’s hand in what was crystal clear that Brown was mocking Rooney. That was extremely odd and quitting on your teammates should be the ultimate betrayal, but at least publicly, support is growing for Brown among core members of the team. From reporter Missi Matthews: “Maurkice Pouncey spoke extensively about Antonio Brown following the first #ProBowl practice. He said time heals everything and sometimes you fight with family members and say things you don’t mean.” Is this what Pouncey would actually portray to the owner if or when Art Rooney II goes to a Pouncey for feedback? What is said in public from players should always be taken with a grain of salt, they’ll often justRead More »

AB calls out Emmanuel Sanders who quickly responds


Steelers team President Art Rooney II said today he’s still waiting for that return call from Antonio Brown. Rooney should just ‘DM’ Brown on twitter if he’s still looking for a response as Brown continues to have lots of things to say about anyone who is critical of him. Today was his turn to sound off on Bruce Arians and Emmanuel Sanders. “@ESanders_10 same guy who missed rehab to go on networks to talk about me on situation he have zero clue,” Brown said of the former Steelers. “Arians now wears kangoo hats n glasses 😂 but ima diva! Done seen it all then they say we friends stop lien,”. Emmanuel Sanders then shot back — “😂😂😂😂 You know damn well I didn’t travel to LA to talk about you fam,” Sanders said. “You trippin yo. I went to be a analyst in which you acting foolish was the topicRead More »