Rumors: Steelers plan to offer Timmons a three year deal prior to free agency


Timmons to retire a Steeler? The Pittsburgh Steelers reached out to Lawrence Timmons agent Drew Rosenhaus last week to establish contact on a new a extension and the two sides spoke again Monday to begin laying the initial groundwork on a potential deal before Timmons is scheduled to become a free agent, Inside Pittsburgh Sports has learned. The two sides plan to circle back during the week leading into the combine where negotiations will turn serious, a source says. The Steelers have a history of letting pending UFA’s first hit free agency and see what’s out there first, but will make an attempt to resign Timmons before free agency, the team has decided. Timmons is looking to play for around three more years. He made $8.75 million last season. Indications are the Steelers are preparing to offer a three year deal but will likely look for a front-loaded deal for the first twoRead More »

NFL clubs believe the Steelers eventually could have a wandering eye to explore Antonio Brown’s trade value


Antonio Brown trade talk isn’t going away Long-time Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook who is very connected with the Steelers organization and is closer to Ben Roethlisberger than any media member is, had a column about Antonio Brown last week in arguing the Steelers should trade Brown due to the salary cap. The column had some headline worthy tidbits in the worst kept secret in town that Brown had purposely ran wrong patterns this past season. [“The distractions are a real problem,” Cook said of Brown. “Brown’s three excessive celebrations penalties early in season were bad there. But there was the incident in the first Miami game when he jogged back to the line of scrimmage, delaying his teammates from running their two-minute offense. In more than one game, he wasn’t happy with how he was being used, he frequently ran the wrong patterns, either because of a lack of focusRead More »

Inside Buzz: Whispers on Big Ben’s frustration with ‘Me First Players’, Todd Haley


TIOPS INSIDE BUZZ Will Ben Roethlisberger really retire this off-season where he would have to pay the Steelers $18 million of his signing bonus back? Financial reasons alone say probably not. However, here are some whispers on where some inside the organization believe Ben’s frustration/retirement talk is coming from: 1. Ben can’t stand ‘today’s player’ as one source close to the situation put it. He loves his offensive line and the long-time veterans in that room, but Steelers officials sense it’s becoming a lot easier for Roethlisberger to potentially walk away 2-3 years earlier than anyone imagined when he feels more of his teammates are about themselves/brand than playing for the logo. He has expressed these concerns to Mike Tomlin all season. To go with that, health didn’t just drive Heath Miller away. Miller a close friend of Roethlisberger, no longer believed the Steelers had a group that was playingRead More »

Ben Roethlisberger says he might retire


Few are going to buy it, but a stunning revelation from Ben Roethlisberger moments ago in not fully committing to playing next season. Roethlisberger said on 937 The Fan he is open to retirement and did not commit that he’ll be back. “Uncertain on future, not sure there’s going to be a next season,” Roethlisberger said. “When pressed by the Ron Cook, Roethlisberger still left the door open to retirement, saying he needs to evaluate things with his family, though, he did talk a lot about next season during the course of the interview. “I’m going

The Blame Game: Mike Mitchell threw coaches under the bus


The Blame Game A 36-17 loss in the AFC Championship was going to lead to a ton of blame going around in Steelers country. From the local media/talk shows to the national pundits, Mike Tomlin and Keith Butler have been getting crushed for being unprepared and out-coached at every avenue, while Todd Haley rightfully so is also no stranger to criticism for his offense again underachieving on the road and Haley falling into a trap of overthinking things with his play calling. But, who knew the players would join the fray in saying the Steelers were unprepared for things like tempo, trick plays. 2nd year linebacker Bud Dupree came out and said the Steelers weren’t prepared for the Patriots to play with the type of tempo and pace they did from the first snap, indicating the Steelers were caught “off-guard”, though, he did say the Steelers had a “great game plan”. RookieRead More »

Ranking the Steelers Top Free Agents for 2017


Ranking Steelers 2017 Free Agents (Unrestricted Free Agents) 1. RB Le’Veon Bell | 1,268 rushing yards, 7 Touchdowns | Bell the NFL’s top ranked free agent had 1,884 total yards in 2016 and is looking to top Adrian Peterson’s average/year salary of $14 million. As he rapped this summer, he wants that ‘$15 million’. Due to the franchise tag he won’t be going anywhere for 2017. For now, the sense is he’s more likely to come back next season on the franchise tag than a long-term deal. Bell turns 25 in February and the concern for the Steelers doing a significant long-term deal is running backs have a shelf life. Bell has had two major knee injuries. Whether it’s this summer or next, Pittsburgh will be more interested in a $10-$12 million a year type contract than the $14-$15 million per the Bell camp seeks. One thing that will helpRead More »

AFC Championship: Brady carves up Steelers ‘D’; lack of talent/inexperience at WR haunts Steelers ‘O’


Patriots 36 – Steelers 17 *After nine straight weeks of overachieving, the Pittsburgh Steelers ‘D’ finally cracked at the hands of Tom Brady. Brady put on a Brady-esque performance in carving up the Steelers secondary for 384 yards (career high) and 3 touchdowns. Brady was 32/42 in the game with a 127.5 QB rating. How the Patriots attacked the Steelers was as expected. They came at the Steelers with crossing/mis-directional routes, forcing safeties Sean Davis and Mike Mitchell to decide where to help and Brady mentally beat the Steelers just as much as he did with his arm. He was a step ahead of the Steelers coverage all night. The Steelers had some success in getting New England into some 3rd and long’s, but when the Patriots wanted, they would get a Julian Edelman up against a linebacker and exploit the Steelers in that key matchup that the Steelers knewRead More »

AFC Championship Sunday: The Makings of an Upset?


  AFC Championship Sunday Line: Patriots -6 The week seven matchup between the Steelers and Patriots was not a playoff preview of what to expect tonight. The Ben Roethlisberger-less Pittsburgh Steelers were competitive in a 27-16 loss to the New England Patriots but wasted opportunities doomed Pittsburgh from being able to put together a good enough effort to steal one. Pittsburgh had 10 penalties for 85 yards, including a holding call on right tackle Chris Hubbard in the second quarter on a touchdown pass to Darrius Heyward-Bey that would have tied the game late in the first half. Backup QB Landry Jones was 29/47 for 281 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception in the loss. Antonio Brown led the Steelers with 105 receiving yards on 7 receptions. Pittsburgh out-gained New England 375 to 362 and won the time of possession battle. The Steelers missed opportunities on offense were penalties,Read More »

Tomlin expresses regret for language in Brown video


Tomlin Addresses Brown Video Mike Tomlin expressed great regret for his language in the Antonio Brown video. “First the content of the video. Like to say language in video is regrettable,” Tomlin said. “This thing that is the National Football League is a precious thing. Responsibility associated of being in this thing from a role model standpoint is something I embrace,” said Tomlin. “That’s why the language in particular is regrettable. I apologize for the content of the video. As a parent, member of the community, I take that very seriously.” Tomlin does not believe the video will be a distraction. “I have absolutely no worries (regards to motivation for New England). We have prepared for distractions. It’s four teams working this week and 28 watching. There’s a certain intensity of being in this tournament,” said Tomlin. Tomlin then addressed the elephant in the room, Antonio Brown. “The last elementRead More »