Stanley Cup Finals: The New NHL? Not so fast


It was Mario Lemieux who once referred to the NHL as a garage league, but after two games of the Stanley Cup Finals, I absolutely, positively refuse to go there. Wouldn’t want to give garage leagues a bad name, you know. After three rounds of competitive, compelling, entertaining playoff hockey, The New NHL has morphed into the old one all of a sudden. All of six minor penalties have been whistled thus far. Total. At least a half-dozen infractions went overlooked both ways. Just when you thought that the league had entered the 21st Century finally, out of nowhere, the Let-‘em-play Official Rules were in effect again. Can anyone tell me why the NHL would want to turn its showcase event into in the Roller Derby on Ice Championships? Pleeeeeze? Let’s get this straight. The Penguins aren’t behind in the series because the refs gagged on their whistles or calledRead More »