Pitt’s McCoy #4 in third set of rankings


11/28/08 — 2009 NFL Draft Running Back rankings 1. Knowshon Moreno- Georgia, Eligible Soph- Moreno is another red shirted player who is eligible as a sophomore. Moreno is the total package. It is almost impossible to find any flaws in his game at this point. At this point he is a lock to be a first round selection. 2. Chris Wells- Ohio State, Jr- Wells has been slowed by injury this year. He also has been underperforming a little bit in the bigger games but It shouldn‚Äôt hurt him too much and he will most likely end up being the second running back taken this year. 3. Javon Ringer- Michigan State, Sr- Ringer has carried Michigan State this year. He has outperformed every other senior back this season which could get him a first round selection. 4. LeSean McCoy- Pittsburgh, Eligible Soph- McCoy wasn‚Äôt red shirted but he is stillRead More »