Key to a 3-1 or better run over next four games will be offense starting to turn field goals into touchdowns


STEELERS STARTING TO PUT SOME WINS TOGETHER Two wins in a row have the Steelers staying relevant for the time being. “It was significant getting our first home win and getting our first AFC North win, trying to remain relevant,” Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said. “We’ll do the same as we push forward into our next week’s opportunity. A win in Oakland and the Steelers will suddenly be creeping back into the wildcard picture and while the playoffs are really a huge longshot after being in an 0-4 hole, what’s intriguing is that there figures to be a bulk of teams fighting it out for the final wildcard spot and the Steelers play several of them, already beating the New York Jets (4-3), Baltimore Ravens (3-4), and still have the likes of Cleveland (3-4) twice, Baltimore again, Buffalo (3-4), and Miami (3-3) still on the schedule when it comesRead More »