Monday’s Daily Five: After months of worries, Pitt joins their dream conference


The Daily Five Is a feature that will be posted Monday – Friday to kick off the morning,¬†centered around rumblings, musings and opinions on five emerging stories in the Pittsburgh Sports Scene: 1. Whether you like the decision or not for Pitt to join the ACC, they deserve a lot of credit for not waiting around for the Big East to suddenly become a football conference again (It’s never going too) and be left in a situation that West Virginia might soon be in. Pitt officials took a lot of heat for not aggressively pursuing a move to the Big Ten last summer but it’s takes two to make a deal. As Pitt was aggressive in orchestrating a move to the ACC, ACC officials were just as aggressive. The ACC not the Big Ten was always the spot Pitt officials wanted and things ended up working perfectly for them. “ThisRead More »