Trade Deadline Buzz: Uncertainty of 87 has Pens looking hard at depth center options; Stewart/Kennedy viewed as a possible match & more tidbits


Uncertainty of Crosby — There are just 22 games left in the regular season for the Penguins and the Sidney Crosby situation appears to be a roller coaster ride just like last season. He looks great on the ice but every time things appear to moving in the right direction, something comes up and that’s how these things are. [instory] When Crosby was initially shutdown following the Bruins game on Dec. 5th, it was believed Crosby was dealing with minor headaches. Five to six weeks later when Crosby started skating again, there was more talk of him having balance and motion issues than headaches. Now last week when Crosby spoke, he mentioned the balance issues were much better but he was still having headaches, although more tolerable. Nonetheless, the Penguins can’t count on a healthy Sidney Crosby and they have to attack the trade deadline that way, despite optimism thatRead More »