Will Allen raves about the impact secondary coach Carnell Lake has had on him and the team


PLAYER EXIT INTERVIEWS By Dale Grdnic PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Steelers have had the NFL’s top-ranked overall defense the past two seasons, and they’ve been No. 1 in pass defense as well. There’s no secret to this success, according to veteran safety Will Allen. It’s Steelers secondary coach Carnell Lake. “He’s a former player here and a very intelligent man,” Allen said. “He prepares each player for what’s to come. He prepares the group very well and believes a lot in technique. He doesn’t necessarily harp on defensive schematics, but he works us hard on technique. So, that helps us tremendously. You can see that in our corner play over the years and how much it improved. “The level of play has been a lot improved. The same with the safety play, covering, tackling, more attention to details. He stresses that stuff all the time, his wisdom of the gameRead More »