Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens have the makings of a Super Bowl Champion

Finally we can all start reading the local papers without columnists trying to come up with every little playoff scenario for our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers got humiliated by the Balitmore Ravens Sunday afternoon and it wasn’t just the score that was humiliating. It was the way then got pounded in the trenches. At 7-8 the dreams of repeating as Super Bowl are officially over but the reality of making the playoffs were over 6 weeks ago. Going into free agency and the draft is going to be very interesting to watch. What route does management go? Do they feel this season was just bad luck or will they actually see the light and realize that it’s time to revamp the O-line and get younger on defense. Time will tell but I’m betting on they’ll go with it was just “bad luck” route.

The Milwaukee Brewers signed pitcher Jeff Suppan to a 4 year – 42 million deal. The Pirates were coveting Suppan all off-season but it was just a public relations move. The Pirates were never going to offer Suppan a 4year deal worth 10 million but as long as they sold it to the media to publicize they were pursuing Suppan, they can still say they tried. What is so laughable is ownership not spending money. Suppan is not worth 10 million a year but in baseball terms he is. Small market teams such as the Kansas City Royals signed Gils Meche 5yrs – 55 million and the Brewers signed Suppan for 42 million over 4 years. The lowly Tampa Bay Devil Rays offered 26 million for the rights to sign Matsazuki but lost out to the Red Sox. The 18 million plus the Pirates are getting from the luxury tax is meant to go into the payroll not McClatchys and the Nutting family’s pockets.

The Penguins take on the Devils, Thrashers, Maple Leafs and Hurricanes in a four game stretch starting tonight. These next 4 games could really make or break their season. Marc Andre Fleury will get the start in net but Eric Christensen will be a healthy scratch. Do not agree with this move by Michel Therrien. The Penguins need to see a full-season of Eric Christensen so they can make a decision on him this off-season and what role he will have with them in the future as a left wing. This where the Penguins make personnel decisions like the Pirates. Playing a veteran like Nils Ekman over Christensen may be a advantage for the short term but it’s not for the future. What difference does Ekman playing over Christensen really have on the team right now? Not much at all.

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