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Insider Only Day 1 Talking Points: Johnston, Kapanen, Sheary, Dea, & Jarry


Head Coach Mike Johnston
On today’s ice session: “On the ice today, the players were out there for a typical practice. We wanted to show them what a practice was going to be like in September so they knew, they’re prepared, maybe they feel a little bit more comfortable.”
On the rest of the week: “Our coaches are going to go on the ice and work on some skills that the players can take with them through the summer and work on.”
On his primary goal for the week: “The overall purpose of the camp is to get to know the players in a comfortable setting, before you get into training camp, where they’re a little bit intimidated, they’re a little bit nervous, there’s more pressure on them. And I just think in this type of setting, as a whole organization, we want to get to know our young guys as well as we can.”
On what is being taught at the camp: “You give them a framework of how we want to play, some of the key principles of what we want to do. We talk about it through the week. But it’s a chance for them to develop some chemistry with their teammates.”
On the outcome of the camp: “What we want to do is have a plan for each guy. When they leave this week, we want to have a plan for them, both off ice, on ice, development, where they fit in the overall line-up for the future.”

Kasperi Kapanen
On his progress this summer: “There’s that much left. I mean, I had a good summer to this point. I feel happy the way I feel. I feel strong, I feel better than last year and before I started training. I gotta say I’m at a good point right now.”
On what he wants to work on this week: “Just a little bit of everything, really. I think the smaller rink than what we play on in Europe, so I got to adjust to that. But it feels really good right now. On the smaller rink, everything happens a little bit faster, which is just good for me because I like to play that fast style of game.”
On advice from his father (former NHLer Sami Kapanen): “He knows everything about small rinks. He’s played here, so he gives me tips on what to try out and what not to. So I’ve learned a lot from him.”
On adapting to North American hockey: “I’m just trying to play my type of game. I think that’s a good type of game. I just got to put it into a smaller rink this time, but I think that’s going to make it really good for me. Once I get used to it and get the feel for the puck and my legs are good, I think it’ll be really good for me.”

Jean-Sebastien Dea
On his improved size/strength: “I changed trainers this summer. I tried a new one to get bigger, get some weight, and be stronger on the ice. I’ve seen a lot of results since the beginning of the summer, so I’m happy about it.”
On his brief experience in Wilkes-Barre: “I learned a lot. I wasn’t there for a long time, but during the period I was there, I learned a lot. I was with a lot of younger guys that have a lot of experience. So I learned a lot from those guys too.”
On returning to Penguins Development Camp for the second time: “I feel more comfortable. The stress is not the same. I mean, I know a lot of guys here, so it’s more calm and more simple to be here.”
On his goal for the week: “I just want to play my best and give the coaches a good impression of me. Hopefully everything will continue to go well.”
On his goal for the upcoming season: “I hope to be there (Wilkes-Barre) and help the team. I don’t want to be back in juniors as a 20 year-old. I made my time in juniors, and now I think I’m ready for pro hockey.”
On what he wants to improve upon: “For sure, I need to be bigger and get some weight on my body. Pro guys are much bigger, much faster. So just need to work on that, and I think I’ll be ready to go.”

Conor Sheary
On his impressive AHL playoff performance: “I just had a lot of motivation inside of me. Coming out of college, I wanted to make an impression, especially being a free agent and not a draft pick of anywhere. So coming into this organization, and them not knowing who I really was, it was an exciting time for me. And it was just something I wanted to prove to myself. I had some success in doing that.”
On his quick progress: “I got an opportunity while I was in the AHL in Wilkes-Barres, and the coaches were awesome to me down there. Then they gave me the opportunity to come up here to the development camp to show what I have to the Pittsburgh guys. It’s a good opportunity for me, and I’m excited to be here.”
On his focus for improvement: “I want to get quicker and get faster. I think that’s the biggest part of my game. So I’ve been trying to work on that and improve those skills instead of trying to work on stuff I’m not so good at. I want to get even better at the things I think I’m already good at.”
On his goal for the week: “Definitely an impression. New coaching staff, new GM, so it’s people who haven’t seen me before. It’s an impression I want to make on these guys.”
On his first impressions of the city of Pittsburgh: “It’s awesome! We haven’t wandered too far away from the rink, but I got to drive through the area a little bit. It’s pretty nice. It’s a lot different than my hometown, but it’s a nice city.”

Tristan Jarry
On his confidence: “I’m coming off a good season. Our team had a pretty deserving season. That has helped me a lot. And playing in (Penguins’) main camp last year and with all the older guys, that has also helped me. So being back in this room for the third time has really helped calm the nerves.”
On the impact of Dustin Schwartz, goalie consultant for the Edmonton Oil Kings: “Dustin really helped me improve. He’s been the eyes above. Whenever a goal goes in, he’s analyzing it and telling me how I should have played it or what I could have done differently. That helped me throughout the season to eliminate several flaws.”
On his physical improvements: “Throughout the season you put on a couple extra pounds with all the pasta you eat before every game. (Laughs) But that really helped me for the long run we had in the playoffs. And it has definitely gotten me a lot stronger in the style I try to play.”
On his technical improvements: “This year, Dustin saw that I was always a little behind the play, so he wanted me to get out there and get set earlier. And I found out right away that it really helped me. I felt more confident and comfortable.”
On his goal for the week: “I just want to work as hard as I can. I want to prove to myself that I can work even harder. I want to use that to get as many nerves out as I can and just play.”
On his focus for the upcoming season: “I obviously want to have a good start with the Oil Kings. Maybe eliminate some of the downs I had this year and have more of an even keel all season. That’s definitely my goal from start to finish.”

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