Cavaliers throw away Game 3 with some of the worst situational basketball you’ll see

Warriors 118 – Cavaliers 113

Are the Golden State Warriors too good for basketball?

A 16-0 run now looks inevitable.

The Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Golden State Warriors four out of five times for the second straight year was not going to happen with that Kevin Durant guy in the Warriors corner now but boy did the Cavaliers throw away Game 3 with a 118-113 loss, starving NBA fans from seeing at least a competitive series.

That has to be the most gut wrenching loss of LeBron James career.

Cleveland holding a six point lead with under four minutes to play, went the final 3:09 without scoring.

The final 2:45 of the game, Golden State outscored Cleveland 11-0, shooting 3-3 and going 4-4 at the free throw line.

The Cavs were 0-8 during that span with one turnover.

Cleveland led by James and Kyrie Irving who combined for 77 points, played a near perfect game by scorching Golden State with pick and rolls and getting to the paint.

Yet, in the final moments the Cavaliers looked like a team that hasn’t been there before.

As great as the Warriors are,  this was a choke job from Cleveland when it comes to situational basketball.

The final couple minutes, they went isolation and Kyrie Irving waved off pick and roll situations and tried to settle for long jumpers when he was unstoppable all night in getting to the hoop off pick and rolls.

Cleveland down the stretch played like a team that was so scared of the Warriors making 3’s, that they felt they had to try to put the game away with 3’s themselves, when all they needed was 2’s to hold them off.

Even after the Durant dagger and now down one with 44 seconds remaining, Cleveland had a chance to go for a 2-for-1 situation and Irving runs the clock down to 24 seconds, settling for a long-jumper that was missed…….

Then still down one after a Steph Curry defensive rebound off the Irving jumper, Cleveland lets the clock run down to 12 seconds before fouling.

In an NBA Finals Game, this was some of the worst situational basketball you’ll see from an NBA team and just stunning from the caliber of a player like Kyrie Irving.

An amazing stat from Cleveland’s loss.

LeBron James was +7 in 46 minutes. The Cavaliers were -12 in two minutes with him off the court.

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