Craziness in Edmonton

Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli has finally been canned, officially fired Tuesday night after the Oilers 3-2 loss on home-ice to the lowly Detroit Red Wings. The craziness with this situation is the Oilers brass allowing Chiarelli just two days ago to sign 30-year old journeyman goaltender Mikko Koskinen to a 3 year, $14.5 million contract. Koskinen who turns 31 in July, is 16-12-1 in his career with a .905 SV%. How that happens shows the dire situation the Oilers are in moving forward that those above Chiarelli would sign off on such a contract when almost every notable transaction under Chiarelli has turned into a dumpster fire. You don’t just decide out of nowhere that you’re going to fire the GM. This was brewing for weeks. With a once in a Generation Player Connor McDavid signed for seven more seasons in Edmonton, the NHL has a nightmare situation brewing in how bad the Oilers are ran. Making your self worse while having the best player in the game for the next decade isn’t suppose to happen. It often starts at the top. This is the shame where NHL players don’t have an inkling of the mentality that NBA players do. McDavid will stay the company line for the next seven years whether Edmonton turns things around or not. McDavid who took less on his eight-year deal in Edmonton after feeling pressure when the initial numbers were leaked, won’t be the last. That’s just the hockey culture with superstars.

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