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Ravens Win The North

Ravens 26 – Browns 24 (F)

1st and 10 at the Ravens 39 yard line with a 1:20 left in the 4th quarter, the Cleveland Browns were driving and had the city of Pittsburgh on the edge of their seat in that Cleveland might actually get the Steelers to the playoffs…….

Three straight incompletions by Baker Mayfield, though, including missing a wide open Jarvis Landry on an 8 yard out on 2nd and 10, doomed Cleveland as Mayfield would be picked off by C.J. Mosley on 4th and 10 as Mosley delivered a 26-24 Ravens win and crushed the Steelers playoff chances.

Eliminated from winning the AFC North, Pittsburgh’s only chance at making the playoffs is for the Colts-Titans to tie tonight on SNF.

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