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Neogtiations with Sidney Crosby are expected to pick up this week and heres the latest speculation regarding the contract talks:

The NHLPA is urging Crosbys representatives to agree to a max deal. Although the pressure is out their from the NHLPA Crosby is still expected to take a discount around 8 – 8.5 million per season. Crosby is expected to sign a 5-7 year extension. I’ve been hearing its going to be a 5 year extension but hopefully it will be between 6-8 years.

The Penguins expect University of Minnesota defenseman Alex Goligoski to turn pro within the next week.

Don’t look to much into Eklunds rumors of the Penguins having interest in Jeff Friesen. Never going to happen. It is true Shero is still looking around for a 3rd or 4th line role player at a cheap price but Friesen is not a option.

The Penguins have inquired about Mike Johnson and Adam Hall. There has also been some rumors swirling around that if the Penguins bring in another role player they may let Tim Brent walk and it could set up a trade. I don’t expect them to bring in another forward but one thing about Shero is he’s always looking for depth upfront.

I’ve received a few emails this week about the Penguins having interest in Vitali Vishnevski. The Penguins did inquire about Vishnevski last week but Vishenevski is not interested in coming here to be the 6th or 7th defenseman. If the Penguins would be willing to move a D-man in a trade, is the only way i see the Penguins signing Vishnevski.

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