Latest Draft Buzz: Crow remains Pirates top target on eve of Draft
On the eve of the MLB draft, speculation continues that top hitting prospect Dustin Ackley is seeking more than Pedro Alvarez ($6.35 million) and his asking demands may lead to the Seattle Mariners passing on Ackley.
Ackley is a nice prospect but he is not Pedro Alvarez, which is why it is very unlikely that any team will go above $6.35 million to sign him.
This is typical posturing from Scott Boras but Boras does not tell teams directly before the draft what his asking price for a particular prospect is.
If Seattle decides to pass on Ackley because of his demands, it’s believed they will draft pitcher Aaron Crow who is Pittsburgh’s top target.
Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik met with Crow over the weekend. Crow has a fastball that reaches 96 mph along with a hard slider and many scouts believe he could be in a major-league rotation by the start of next season if he signs quickly.
If Mariners select Crow instead of Ackley, it will have a ripple effect on the Pirates plans.
San Diego picks at #3 and while they are currently tight for cash, team officials with the Pirates claim they would be shocked if Ackley is available at #4.
Sanchez rising the Pirates draft charts
One player Neal Huntington has been eyeing is Boston College catcher Tony Sanchez. The 21-year-old right-handed hitter batted .346 with 14 home runs and 51 RBIs in 58 games this season.
Huntington met with Sanchez last week and Huntington has serious doubts that Ryan Doumit

is the Pirates long-term answer at catcher. With Nate McLouth being traded, many baseball insiders wouldn’t be surprised if Doumit is shopped around the league before the Pirates feel his value goes down.
As TIOPS baseball Insider John Perrotto wrote last Friday, Sanchez is also intriguing for the Pirates because he can sign quickly after the draft for slot money.
* Pitchers Kyle Gibson and Alex White were on the Pirates radar four weeks ago and many mock drafts have them taking either pitcher.
With the draft being held tomorrow, neither player is under any consideration to be selected at #4. Both players have been scratched from the Pirates list.
As things look right now pitcher Aaron Crow and catcher Tony Sanchez are the Pirates top targets on the eve of the draft.
The Pirates are willing to go as high as $4.5 million (major league contract) to sign Aaron Crow.
If the Pirates pass on Crow and draft Tony Sanchez, it will be because of signability. Sanchez is willing to sign for slot value.
A dark horse is USC shortstop Grant Green. The Pirates scouted Green heavily earlier in the season. A disappointing junior season has led to Green falling out of the top 5 by most scouting services but the Pirates like him a lot.