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The Columbus Blue Jackets are still telling teams Fredrick Modin is not on the trading block and according to they are still trying hard to resign to hard shooting left winger but Modin wants to be traded to a playoff contender. It’s going to be interested in the next week to see how that plays out. The website speculates what we reported last night, that the Penguins are a possible destination for Anson Carter. Zherdev is still the main part of any discussions and the only way the Penguins trade for Carter or Modin is through the proposed trade of Christensen – Welch for Zherdev/ Modin or Carter. Carolina has offered Andrew Hutchinson for Anson Carter so don’t expect the Penguins to get into a bidding war for Carter and i hope they don’t. Crazy/Dumb rumor of the day came from none another than Eklund of who says the Penguins are interested in Curtis Joseph. Breaking news the Penguins have just traded Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal for Curtis Joseph.

Time to Play GM
The Penguins – Bruins rumors are just never going to end are they. No this time it’s not a Malone-Boyes rumor but i was told if Ray Shero wants to make a huge splash at the deadline he would make the Columbus Trade which has a chance of happening and then send Malone and Melichar as a thrown in to Boston for defenseman Paul Mara. the Penguins have had scouts in Boston the past two games ( and these were real scouts not Kevin Stevens) and i may be looking into something that is nothing but this is not the first time i have heard they have had interest in Paul Mara in the past month. If i was General Manager, these are two moves i would make in a heartbeat. Positives: Zherdev is a underachiever but is a player i could envision playing on the top 2 lines for the next 4-5 years. Modin brings playoff experience and what a third line that would be. Mara would be a great pick up to pair with Scuderi and Nas. Negatives: breaking up team chemistry and have the possibilities of losing Modin and Mara via free agency. Conclusions: The Penguins could fill the voids of Modin or Mara either by resigning them or through free agency or the farm system where Jonathan Filewich & Kris Letang will be on the 07-08 squad

Penguins lines
Nherdev – Crosby – Recchi
Staal – Malkin – Ouellet
Modin – Talbot – Armstrong
Ruutu – Moore? – Petro

Gonchar – Eaton
Whitney – Orpik
Mara – Scuderi

If you were Shero would you consider these trades?
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