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Insider Only NHL: Crosby feuding with teammate?

Crosby being too critical of his teammates?

Over the past couple weeks, Billy Guerin and Sidney Crosby have been having an on-going dispute. A source tells me, Guerin is encouraging Sid to lighten up and enjoy playing, while Crosby has come into this season more serious and exerting more of a vocal leadership role.
In one players observations, Sid has gotten far more critical of his own play and the play of others. This resulted in a post game team meeting / intervention following the Columbus game. Crosby did not take it well and went somewhat public with his displeasure yesterday.
He’s really tough on himself. He’s too tough on himself,” Billy Guerin said. “That’s part of what makes him great. He expects a lot from himself. You want to try to take as much pressure off of him as you can because you know he’s going to put so much on himself. But you’ve also got to let a guy kind of go through things his own way.”
Crosby responded after yesterday’s practice that he’s not too hard on himself.
“You know what? Maybe he thinks that, but I don’t,” Crosby said. “I’ve been through it. I always put pressure on myself, but it’s not too much. It’s what I need. Everyone needs to push themselves in different ways. Maybe what I need is different from what Billy needs.”
In the midst of a four game pointless streak, Crosby met with the coaching staff Sunday night to switch the top two lines in an attempt to jumpstart his play and the play of the team.
Crosby will play with Ruslan Fedotenko and Matt Cooke tonight.

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