Is there any truth to the rumors that Pat Quinn could become the Penguins next coach? Read more for the latest

First off a ton of Pat Quinn rumors going around. As I reported last week the Penguins front office discussed all scenarios and potential coaches they would pursue if they decided to make a switch. Pat Quinn and former Tampa Bay Lightning’s coach John Tortorella were two names brought up by the front office. Shero talks regularly with former Lightning GM Jay Feaster and Tortorella is intriguing because he has proved he knows how to coach stars despite his frequent outbursts and calling out players. Quinn on the other hand was also discussed but he is not at the top of Shero’s wishlist. Quinn struggled adjusting to the new NHL which concerns some inside the Penguins organization. To get to the point, all of this talk that Pat Quinn could be brought in as coach within the next day or so is totally overblown. There have been no significant discussions between the two sides and in fact there’s talk according to my Penguins sources that Quinn’s agent or representatives have leaking rumors that the Penguins have been in talks with Quinn to put the pressure on Ottawa who have actually had significant discussions with Quinn’s Reps. I will touch base on this more in my latest Penguins report.