Penguins could still make a play for Kovalev

The Montreal Candiens are expected to send a long term offer to Daniel Briere that could be worth up to 7 million dollars per season & are also seeking to find a replacement for Sheldon Souray. The Canadiens cap number right now is around 34-36 million and the latest out of Montreal is all of this could lead to the Canadiens putting Alexei Kovalev back on the trading block to save some cap space. The Canadiens entertained offers to see what they could get at the draft and touched based with the Penguins, Capitals and a unknown third team. If they feel any offers are worth it they would love to get rid of Kovalevs salary.

  • While i was in Columbus for the draft i was told the Penguins are willing to offer Ryan Malone for Kovalev. Like i’ve said before any potential trades for the Penguins won’t happen until a couple days after free agency. I can confirm the Penguins are interested…Capitals i have been told offered Brent Sutherby & a pick at the draft.
  • I’m just posting what i heard. I’m by know means saying the Penguins are trading for Kovy but there is a chance they may re-visit talks with the Canadiens.
  • The Penguins projected budget is expected to be 38 low-41 million high counting Whitney extensions.
  • I’m looking into whether this story from Marty Griffin is going to effect the Penguins plans for free agency. The budget always go down to the wire so i wouldn’t worry yet.
  • Check back later tonight, i’ve got some news on Kariya, Markov, Guerin and Glen Murray.

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