(4) Philadelphia (37-22-10, 84 pts)
Games remaining: 13 (6 Home, 7 Away)
Latest Buzz: Flyers have three games in hand on the #5 Pittsburgh Penguins (38-26-8, 84 pts). The Flyers are 1-4 against the Penguins this season. The two rivals meet on Sunday.
(5) Pittsburgh (38-26-8, 84 pts)
Games remaining: 10 (6 Home, 4 Away)
Latest Buzz: Pittsburgh in the middle of a 8 game homestand are 9-0-2 in their last 11 games. A team that no one wants to play down the stretch. Pittsburgh returns to action on Friday against LA.
(6) NY Rangers (37-26-8, 82 pts)
Games remaining: 11 (6 Home, 5 Away)
Latest Buzz: 6-3-1 in their last 10 games, Rangers have the look of a playoff team.
(7) Montreal (36-25-9, 81 pts)
Games remaining: 12 (7 Home, 5 Away)
Latest Buzz: Seven home games will be critical for the Habs who are 21-7-6 at home this season. The Canadiens face the Senators tonight who are 6-3-1 in their last 10.
(8) Carolina (37-28-7, 81 pts)
Games remaining: 10 (7 Home, 3 Away)
Latest Buzz: 6-2-2 in their last 10 games and the Canes are a much different team with Eric Cole in their lineup. The schedule makers favor the Canes getting in the playoffs with seven home games remaining.
On the Outside
(9) Florida (34-26-10, 78 pts)
Games remaining: 12 (7 Home, 5 Away)
Latest Buzz: The Panthers needed to add more offense upfront at the trade deadline and by failing to do so, they may miss the playoffs. The Panthers host the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight.
(10) Buffalo (34-28-8, 76 pts)
Games remaining: 12 (6 Home, 6 Away)
Latest Buzz: Playoff chances are hanging by a thread. Key injuries have led to a 3-5-2 stretch.
Panthers in must win situation tonight

The Florida Panthers are searching for answers after having 0 shots in the third period against the Washington Capitals Tuesday night. Florida’s struggles can be attributed to the loss of forward Nathan Horton who is atleast a week away from returning to action. The Panthers are in a must win situation tonight against the Leafs.
The Panthers who are 4-4-2 in their last ten are not getting any help from teams like the Penguins and Rangers who are redhot.
Missing the playoffs will turn into a complete disaster for the Panthers as the team kept defenseman Jay Bouwmeester with the idea of making the playoffs. Missing the playoffs will give the Panthers absolutely no chance of re-signing Bouwmeester as two weeks ago, some of the Florida media felt he was having second thoughts about leaving.
Photo courtesy of Dan4th