Quick Hits – College Edition

A look around the world of college football:
– Is the Pac-10 overrated? You betcha! Well, except for USC who has 3rd and 4th string players who could start for 75% of the other teams in the Bowl Subdivision (AKA Division I). Take a look at who the Pac-10 has lost to this season after having three teams in the preseason top 25 and four other teams garnering votes: then-#17 Oregon lost to unranked Boise State¬†at home; Arizona lost at New Mexico who then lost to Tulsa by 42;¬†then-#23 Cal lost at Maryland who had lost to Middle Tennessee the week before; then-#15¬†Arizona State lost to UNLV at home; Oregon State lost at Stanford and was never in the game against Penn State; UCLA lost by 59 at BYU; Washington State lost by 26 at home against Oklahoma St., lost by 63 at home against Cal and lost at Baylor by 28; and¬†Washington has not won yet and has lost all three by 78 points combined. The “left coast” always complains that they don’t get any respect but as you can see respect needs to be earned.
– Isn’t it a little convenient that Penn State has reinstated starters Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma as their Big Ten schedule starts this week? They are said not to be in the starting lineup but you can bet they will play.
– Pittsburgh has to beat Syracuse this week and beat them impressively. The Orange are not good and if Pittsburgh wants to keep drawing fans and respect, they have to win by three touchdowns. The win against Iowa last week looks good because of the name but Iowa is a middle or lower tier team in the Big Ten.
– People should have seen the drop off of West Virginia since, other than Pat White and Noel Devine, they don’t have¬†outstanding talent. Their defense is slow and has problems tackiling while the offensive line spends more time picking up Pat White than blocking for him.
РFootball took a backseat to real life when Ball State WR Dante Love lay motionless on the field Satuday night. Love went through five hours of surgery to stabilize a fracture in his spine and thankfully regained movement in his arms and legs. Love was leading the nation with 144.3 yards per game and was thought to be a high round draft pick if not a first rounder. He will never play football again but life is more important than a game.
Games to watch:
#8 Alabama at #3 Georgia – The Bulldogs will wear the black jerseys between the Hedges.
#24 TCU at #2 Oklahoma РThe Horned Frogs will hang around for awhile but not all day
#22 Illinois at #12 Penn State – This will prove whether or not Penn State is grossly underrated
#13 South Florida at N.C. State – Big East needs this win

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