Roberts likely to enter free agency

  • It is becoming evident that the Penguins chances of retaining Gary Roberts grow slimmer and slimmer as each day passes. Roberts was on the Fan590 radio show last night and stated he enjoyed his time in Pittsburgh but he is likely to enter free agency before making a decision. Some quick notes from the interview is that he seeking a two year deal and will only listen to offers from Pittsburgh, Toronto and Ottawa. He also said Pittsburgh is not out of the picture and could resign with them before free agency begins.
  • After the season i felt the Penguins had until June 1st to get a deal done with Roberts and now each passing day is not good. I will not rule out Roberts returning but who knows what can of crazy offer a team like Toronto may offer. The Penguins are not expected to increase their offer of 2yrs – 5.7 million
  • Turn on a talk show today for 5 minutes and you’ll hear the outrage from Pirate fans. I for one will not spend a dime on this team until they make a commitment to winning. We already know the Pirates can’t sign the best players in free agency but if they can’t draft the best players, what is the point of being a major league team. Ownership says they are putting the money they receive from the luxury tax into player development but yesterday proved what we already knew. That money is going into Bob Nuttings pockets.

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