2:18: Up to 6 teams including the Penguins have inquired about Paul Kariya. Kariya has narrowed his list down to three and take it for what its worth but i’ve been told that Kariya and the Penguins are working on a 3 yr deal.

1:50: The Penguins have inquired about defenseman Scott Hannan, Danny Markov and Andy Sutton. The Penguins have offered Hannan a four year deal worth between 13-14 million. The offer is believed to be front loaded. Once Hannan is off the market, the Penguins will try to lure Markov & Sutton.

1:28: 7 teams have inquired about Scott Hannan and he has narrowed his field down to 4.

1:18: Detroit Red Wings are pursuing Brian Rafalski. Rafalski is a tough sell out of New Jersey. Rangers are seeking a top tier defenseman and pursuing Rafalski, Souray and upfront are rumored to be pursuing Gomez.

1:03: Boston trying hard to move Glen Murray. The asking price is not that high the Buzz on the Burgh has learned.

12:59: Up to 6 teams are “serious” contenders for Paul Kariya i have just been told. Montreal is looking for a number one center in Briere or a possbile trade for Marleau and second tier winger. Guerin or Kariya could be possbilites.

12:53: The Penguins offer to Scott Hannan is a 4yr deal worth 3.5 -3.8 million.

12:34: mixed signals are whether the Penguins are seeking to add a face off specialist.

12:12: The Penguins are going after Andy Sutton. The Fourthperiod.com is also reporting the Penguins are going hard after Hannan and Sutton.

12:05: The Penguins are looking to add a face-off specialist