1. CAL F Jarome Iginla (7pts in 3 games)
2. COL G Petr Budaj (3-0)
3. Marian Hossa (6 points in 3 games
Fantasy impact

Budaj was 3-0 last week but do not go out and pick him up just yet. He’s a goalie to keep an eye on but let’s see how he performs the next 2-3 weeks.
There is some concern in New York regarding Islanders goaltender Rick Dipietro who will be evaluated today. Dipietro is coming off of off-season knee surgery.
Joni Pitkanen will be out of action for the next three to four weeks with a knee injury. Reserve him for now. He’s going to be a valuable asset this season.
Johan Franzen will miss three-to-four weeks with a sprained knee. Same criteria with Pitkanen, reserve Franzen