Troy Polamalu seeking 17 million signing bonus

The Steelers number one priority heading into training camp is locking up Troy Polamalu to a long term extension. In the next couple weeks Polamalu’s representatives and Steelers are expected to sit down and work out a long term deal for the games top safety. The two sides have talked about the framework of a deal and have went back fourth on numbers but negotiations have not reached the serious stages yet.

Polamalu’s agent Marvin Demoff is an old school agent who seeks top dollar for his clients. The Steelers found that out the hard way when they had to deal with Demoff during the Rod Woodson era. So which side will bleak first? Most likely the Steelers because they have to. The Steelers can franchise Polamalu at the end of the 07 season but it will leave the wrong message to the players and the fans. If their not going to pay top dollar for the games top safety whats the point in trying to winning. The Steelers will cave in. I guarantee it.

Inside the Numbers

A starting point for negotiations – Ed Reed signed a 6 year – 40 million, 15 million signing bonus with the Baltimore Ravens in 06. Reed’s contract is really a 4 year – 20 million deal before it will have to be restructured.

What the Steelers are rumored to have offered – 14 million signing bonus

Speculation regarding what Polamalu is seeking: 17-20 million signing bonus

Stay tuned.

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