Despite a sweetheart deal on the table, Greg Jamison’s attempt to buy the Phoenix Coyotes has fallen apart and what isn’t shocking to anyone in league circles, Jamison didn’t have the money to close the deal.
The Coyotes relocating to maybe Quebec, Seattle or Ontario in the next two to three years is becoming a strong possibility and the chances are increasing by the days, despite Gary Bettman trying to do everything he can to keep the team there so it doesn’t look like a mistake on his end.
Will this impact Shane Doan’s future?
The Coyotes captain waited until the last minute before the lockout to resign with the Coyotes due to their ownership mess, agreeing to a 4 year, $21.2 million contract in September with Phoenix, but Doan finishing the contract with the Coyotes franchise might be based on whether they stay in Phoenix which is looking extremely unlikely.
Doan’s four year deal includes a no movement clause and while there’s no opt out clause, an NHL source says Doan and GM Don Maloney have a mutual agreement in place established between the two from the fall that if the team is no longer staying in Phoenix, Maloney would give Doan the first opportunity to dictate a trade elsewhere were he not want to relocate with the franchise.
The Doan storyline in Phoenix is surely going to pop up again in the coming months. If relocation isn’t expected to happen for at least two to three years, does he just ride out his last years in Phoenix as his family loves it there, or does he chase a Cup and force a trade to a preferred destination in the immediate future whether it’s this years trade deadline or after the season?
It’s clear from the summer which team or teams he would look to be traded to.

The Vancouver Canucks would surely be at the top of Doan’s wishlist and his final decision this summer came down to Phoenix and Vancouver. The New York Rangers were a close third and Doan also strongly considered the Philadelphia Flyers, one of three teams (Vancouver, Philadelphia, New York) he visited during his three month long free agent decision.
The Penguins were a team hot after Doan and he had interest in them but not as serious of interest that he had in Vancouver and New York. The Penguins were against going four years for Doan and offered a three year deal, believed to be worth $14.5 million. The Penguins had a free agent visit setup with Doan in late July but Doan backed out of the visit and the rest is history.
The 36 year old has 2 goals and 4 points in seven games this season. He will be 39 in the final year of his deal, 2015-2016.