Yankee Surge

Memo to the Boston Red Sox and the American League:

Here comes the Yankees!!!!…. The New York Yankees are on a roll since the All-Star break sweeping the defending champs for the first time in 4 years. With Sunday’s 6-4 victory and the athletics taking 3 out of 4 from the Red Sox the Yankees are in prime position to regain first place in the AL East. The Yanks are a half game back with a depleted roster that is getting healthy. Damon and Cano are due back next week and the possible arrival of Bobby Abreu via trade is in the works. The pitching staff is question mark heading down the stretch but Mussina and Wang have out performed Schilling and Beckett head to head. Randy Johnson who was awful the first two months of the season has been dropped to third in the rotation but as of late has looked like the pitcher of old minus the heavy heather he use to posses. The Yanks are one the Bo Sox’s heels, Jeter and his crew won’t be going away.

The Pirates took two out of three from the Nationals with two strong showing but what drives me crazy is some media people like Paul Alexander of Fox sports Pittsburgh talking about how there turning the corner. Tell me how a team that is 29 games below 500 is turning the corner just because they’ve taken 2 out of 3 after the All Star break? Get out of here!!!…. John Porata has reported that the Pirates have ruled out resigning Sean Casey and Casey most likely will traded at the deadline. Obvious names like Craig Wilson, Randa, Burnitz are on the trade market and general manager David Littlefield hasn’t ruled out trading Jack Wilson. Management needs to get over the fact that Wilson is not the hitter he was in 04 when he batted over 300 but Jack Wilson is one of the best fielding shortstops in the game and there only a few shortstops in the entire majors I would take over him ( Jeter, Teijada Young). Wilson could bring in a good return of prospects but with the great David Littlefield at the helm he’ll screw it up. It’s mindboggling how this guy has a job. He’s been here since 2002 and every year the team gets worse and to make matters worse the farm system is depleted. I don’t agree with trading Jack Wilson but when your 29 games below 500 how can there be no untouchables at the deadline.

Steelers news

KDKA news is reporting Steelers first round draft pick Santonio Holmes has not returned any calls from Ben Roethlisberger. Ben was asked a question this weekend about Holmes and Ben said that he called Holmes to talk about Holmes situation and Santonio never returned his call. I don’t have a clue what this guy is thinking. He’s already in the dog house with the coaches and has giving the team a black eye with his two arrests. Now he doesn’t return the franchise quarterback phone calls. A report like this should come as no surprise about a guy with about 10 kids and with two arrests in less than month.

Penguin news…..

Mario Lemieux said today at a celeb Golf tourney that the pending sale of the team is likely to finalized within days. Mario also said he is very interested in ragaining a position with the organization. Marc Andre Fleury and Colby Armstrong have declined qualifying offers for a 5 percent raise and are now RFA. Both are looking for more than a 1 year deal…

Sam Fingold of Hartford is one of 4 finalist trying to buy the franchise and rumors are swirling he has the highest bid as of right now. This might be a bad sign because Fingold has made it clear of his desire team to move even if IOC doesn’t win the slots win. The good news is Fingold has changed his tune the past two weeks saying he doesn’t expect the the team to leave regardless of owner and a group from Hamilton also backed out last week because they said it’s clear the team will not be moving. These are good signs but regarding Fingold; He is only saying what the people want to hear because he knows Andy Mursteins group who has Mark Cuban and Dan Marino on board have done a great job in a PR standpoint saying that they will do everything to keep the team here. Positive signs are out there that the team may be staying but all of this might just be another smoke screen.

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