Pitt Football Search: Holgorsen top target; Could Al Golden lure Tom Bradley to Pitt as DC?


The University of Pittsburgh’s football search for a new head coach is in full swing and Okalahoma State’s Dana Holgorsen and Temple’s Al Golden have emerged as Pitt’s top targets. Holgorsen and Golden are considered 1A and 1B on Pitt’s wishlist. The Panthers will amp up their search this week and indications are they will have a new coach in place by next Friday. Pitt expects to learn if they have a legitimate shot to land Holgorsen within the next 72 hours. Holgorsen who has been at the top Steve Pederson’s wishlist since day 1, is a tremendous offensive coach who would change the dynamic of Pitt’s offensive structure, something that is said to intrigue Pitt officials as concerns about the program’s lack of buzz has been mounting. One knock skeptics is that if Holgorsen ends up at Pitt, the Panthers will have the wrong type of recruits on theRead More »