Pens/Caps Preview: Capitals highly motivated in first meeting since Game 7 collapse


Capitals look for Redemption Game 52 Washington Capitals 31-12-6 7-3 Last 10 Pittsburgh Penguins 31-19-1 5-5 Last 10 Heated Rivalry Since the lockout, a new rivalry has been born between Pittsburgh and Washington, and that rivalry is due to the talents and personalities of superstars of Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. Crosby v Ovechkin Lifetime, Crosby and the Penguins hold the edge over Ovechkin’s Capitals. Their head-to-head stats are impressive: Crosby holds the edge in goals (32-30), power play goals (8-7), wins (11-5) and playoff wins (4-3, 2009 Eastern Conference Semifinals.) Ovechkin holds the head-to-head edge in assists (35-31), points (65-63), plus-minus (+27 to +12) and penalty minutes (60-47). Rematch For the first time this season (52 games into the season!), the schedulemakers have blessed fans with a rematch of the instant-classic 2009 Eastern Conference Semifinals. Fans are curious to see how these two players and teams will match upRead More »