Penguins “Experience” Rationale, Murray-Jarry Dynamic, Isles, Alvarez, McCoy

TIOPSDAILYFIVE *Rumblings, Musings, Opinions* 1. The experience rationale continues to be touted a bit too much by the Penguins in talking Monday’s trades up. Like Jim Rutherford on Monday, Mike Johnston was at it on Tuesday. “Cole is a player that Gary Agnew knows well. In those players, we’re getting more experience,” Johnston said. “At

Despres/Lovejoy Fallout, Retaining NHL ready prospects, Steelers/Draft Talk

TIOPSDAILYFIVE *RUMBLINGS, MUSINGS, OPINIONS* 1. From the fan base, the consensus on the Simon Despres – Ben Lovejoy trade seems to be some like it and some absolutely despise it. Looks like there’s no in between and surprisingly that’s the reaction I’ve gotten from some NHL types. Many understand the Penguins thinking here in wanting


TIOPS DAILY BUZZ: WEDNESDAY EDITION *Rumblings, Musings, Opinions* PENGUINS/NHL — There are a lot of good guys in the NHL but you find many better than Pascal Dupuis. He’s just one of those people who you speak to for the first time and can just tell he’s a good caring person. Dupuis importance inside the


TIOPS DAILY BUZZ *RUMBLINGS, MUSINGS, OPINIONS* PENGUINS/NHL — It’s was no secret when Ray Shero was fired that Penguins team President David Morehouse had a strong desire to become more involved with the day to day hockey operations and that’s the case now with Jim Rutherford reporting directly to Morehouse, where as Shero reported directly