First sign of trouble for Penguins started mid-season in changing playing style, type of team they initially wanted to be & more in Today’s TIOPSDailyFive


TIOPS DAILY FIVE *Rumblings, Musings, Opinions* 1. The first sign of trouble for the Penguins that the head coach and general manager were overmatched started around late December. When Mike Johnston was hired he touted the Penguins being a puck possession and a tempo and pace team. “My basic framework of the system is puck possession, puck management, tempo and pace,” Johnston said at his inductory press conference last June. “We want to give our players as many options as possible. I’m more inclined in teams I’ve coached over the years, to really play a pace game. I want to play a pace game. Certainly like core of players here, defense and forward to play that style of game. Think Pittsburgh was built on the makeup of that style,” Johnston said. The key area that’s missing for months now is tempo and pace. The first five to six weeks ofRead More »