Free Agency Buzz: Wallace set to land a $60 million contract from Dolphins?


LATEST MIKE WALLACE RUMORS Steelers WR Mike Wallace is good as gone with four to five notable teams in league circles already being linked to Wallace in the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers to a lesser extent. Of the five mentioned teams, the sense continues to be that the Dolphins and Browns are the two teams prepared to throw the biggest money at the 26 year old receiver. To no surprise Wallace is reportedly the Miami Dolphins top target. The NFL combine is tampering central and Wallace’s agent Bus Cooke is already making it known to teams in the leadup to the combine that the asking price is a 5 year deal in the range of $60-$63 million. Wallace is seeking at least $27 to $30 million in guaranteed money. There’s actually a sense around the league that Wallace is going toRead More »

Things shaping up where Bill Cowher likely won’t have any viable options in 2011


Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher has expressed a strong desire to return to coaching in 2011 but the issue for Cowher is that there likely won’t be any viable options out there for him. Cowher is seeking the right situation, top dollar and total control. In reality, those kind of options just aren’t out there as teams are exploring cheaper options and going the assistant coach or college route. It was reported last week that the three teams on Cowher’s wislist are the New York Giants, Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins. The Giants are bringing back Tom Coughlin taking them out of the running and the Texans are bringing back Gary Kubiak. Houston had been the team mentioned most prominently in Cowher’s inner circle.

Updated Playoff Picture: Steelers live to fight another day


AFC Standings 1. Indianapolis (14-0) 2. San Diego (11-3) 3. New England (9-5) 4. Cincinnati Bengals (9-5) Current Wild Card Teams 5. *Baltimore Ravens (9-6): Conference Record (6-4) Latest Buzz: Baltimore is doing what Pittsburgh hasn’t been able to do; Dominate inferior teams. Remaining Schedule: at Pittsburgh (7-7), at Oakland (5-9). 6. *Denver Broncos (9-6): Conference Record (6-5) Latest buzz: The Broncos suffered a devastating loss in week 15 as the Oakland Raiders scored a late touchdown to upend the Broncos 20-19. However the Broncos still control their playoff destiny but they have a tough week 16 matchup at Philadelphia. Remaining Schedule: at Philadelphia (10-4), Kansas City (3-11). In the Hunt 7. *Jacksonville Jaguars (7-7): Conference Record (6-4) Latest Buzz: The Steelers need the Jaguars to lose one more game and the best chance of that happening is in week 16 against New England. Remaining Schedule: at New England (9-5),Read More »

Arizona Cardinals sign Bryant McFadden


The Pittsburgh Steelers offered more years but Bryant McFadden agreed to a two-year, $10 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals this afternoon. John Clayton of ESPN reports the entire salary is guaranteed in 2009. A source tells Inside Pittsburgh Sports, the Steelers offered a 5 year deal with close to $10 million guaranteed over the course of the contract. McFadden went with a shorter deal with the opportunity to cash in two seasons from now. Pittsburgh and Arizona were the only teams to make offers. McFadden was hopeful to return to Florida and sign with the Miami Dolphins but the Dolphins never scheduled a visit or make a offer to McFadden who went into free agency seeking $16 million in guarantees.

Packers sign Anthony Smith; Update on Bryant McFadden


The Green Bay Press-Gazette reports “An NFL source has told them safety Anthony Smith agreed to a contract with the Packers on Friday. Smith, 25, played in the Pittsburgh Steelers‚Äô 3-4 defense the past three years and is well known to the Packers‚Äô new safeties coach, Darren Perry, who was Smith‚Äôs defensive backs coach with the Steelers in 2006.” The Steelers did not offer Smith a contract following the season. Bryant McFadden will make a decision very soon on where he will sign Where will he end up?: McFadden has only visited the Cardinals and Lions. The Lions have dropped out and went after cheaper alternatives. Many teams including the Jets, Patriots, Lions were turned off by McFadden‚Äôs asking price. McFadden currently has offers on the table from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals. Drew Rosenhaus, Bryant McFadden‚Äôs agent claims four teams including the Steelers and Cardinals are in onRead More »

NFL: Steelers make “new” 5 year offer to Bryant McFadden


Bryant McFadden visited the Arizona Cardinals today but since Friday, the Detroit Lions, New York Jets, and Denver Broncos have all dropped out of the McFadden sweepstakes. Sources tell inside Pittsburgh Sports that the Steelers have made a new 5 year offer and are willing to move salary to bring McFadden back. Read more for the latest and teams that are still in on McFadden

NFL Mock Draft Version 3


NFL Mock Draft ¬†1) DETROIT LIONS> MATTHEW STAFFORD, QB, GEORGIA– With Sam Bradford returning to Oklahoma for another season, Stafford holds on to the top selection. Sanchez has closed the gap between him and Stafford, but I still think that Stafford is the better selection. Stafford has a stronger arm and he has greatly improved his decision making this season. Sanchez is more of a project, he has significant injury issues, and he tends to make the stupid decisions that Stafford would make last year. 2) ST. LOUIS RAMS> ANDRE SMITH, OT, ALABAMA-¬†¬†I don‚Äôt see any reason to change this pick as a result of Smith‚Äôs issues at Alabama. They don‚Äôt seem like the kind of behavioral issues that would seriously hurt his draft stock and the Rams are still looking to beef up the O-Line, which they failed to do last year by missing out on Jake Long. ¬†3)Read More »

NFL Mock Draft Version 1


Our first NFL Mock is now available. We will be doing 2-3 mock drafts¬†per month leading¬†up until the NFL Draft in April. (Photo courtesy of SD Dirk) 1. DETROIT LIONS,¬†MATTHEW STAFFORD, QB, GEORGIA (6-2 235 lbs) – I really do not believe that either Stafford or Bradford is worthy of the top selection in this year‚Äôs draft, but the Lions need at the position is probably going to force them into the selection. Stafford has the big arm and is probably the safer pick at this point. With that said, both Bradford and Stafford are not definitely entering the draft. If (and I don‚Äôt see this happening) both Stafford and Bradford remain in school for another season there is not a quarterback worthy of the top selection. Two other options for the Lions are to either address the offensive line by drafting Andre Smith or Michael Oher, or they couldRead More »

AFC Playoff Picture is set


Playoff Seeds 1. Tennessee Titans (13-3) 2. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) *Pittsburgh and Tennessee have first round byes 3. Miami Dolphins (11-5) vs 6. Baltimore Ravens (11-5) 4. San Diego Chargers (8-8) vs 5. Indianapolis Colts (12-4) Quick Reaction Pittsburgh will play either Miami, San Diego or Indianapolis. The Colts are the hottest team in the league winning nine straight. That is probably the team the Steelers don’t want to see in the first round. What the Steelers will have going for them is the weather is projected to be in the mid 20’s and that could play into their favor.