USC’s Mays #1 safety in latest rankings


Top 10 Safeties 1. Taylor Mays- Southern California, Jr- Mays is very well built and he has a lot of speed to go with it. He doesn‚Äôt make too many mistakes and is very physical. Mays will be a first round pick if he decides to leave USC early. 2. William Moore- Missouri, Sr- Moore is the definition of a ball hawk and he has great hands to go with it. He isn‚Äôt very physical and he sometimes doesn‚Äôt recognize plays, but other than that Moore is almost flawless. 3. Patrick Chung- Oregon, Sr- Chung is a very strong and physical player. Chung is under 6 foot but he makes up for that in strength and speed. At times he may be a little bit too aggressive. 4. Myron Rolle- Florida State, Jr- Myron Rolle can get beat at times but he is a very intelligent player who rarely makesRead More »