“Disturbing” Performance, Steelers inability to defend middle of the field getting worse by the day


Bills 43 – Steelers 19 It’s been the same story all camp and preseason for the Steelers defense. They can’t stop the run between the tackles and can’t defend the pass in the middle of the field. E.J. Manuel and the Buffalo Bills led offense played without their entire starting wide receiver corps and still looked like the 2000 Rams up against the Steelers first team D. On the Bills first play from scrimmage, Fred Jackson gashed (right guard) the Steelers for a 41 yard gain to the Steelers two yard line, setting up a one yard Jackson touchdown two plays later. The Bills went three plays, 43 yards on their opening drive score. Buffalo’s next drive the Bills would again only need three plays to cap off an 80 yard touchdown drive. Manuel connected with Marquise Goodwin for a 16 yard gain on first down and following a delayRead More »