Week 2 NFL Power Rankings


1. Dallas Cowboys (PV 2) 1-0 – The Cowboys took care of business and dominated the Browns. They are the most talented team in the NFL. The Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles in week 2. 2. Pittsburgh Steelers (PV6) 1-0 – Ben Roethlisberger is showing he deserves to be brought up in the same conversation with Manning and Brady. The Steelers defense is younger and more athletic at key positions. It is only one game but the Steelers are the talk of the AFC. 3. New York Giants (PV3) 1-0 – After signing a 5 year extension, wide receiver Plaxico Burress put on a spectacular performance (10rec – 133 yds). The Giants defense looked strong but weren’t tested against the Redskins stagnant offense.