Day 1 Analysis: Scouting Report and Observations from Day 1 of Penguins Development Camp


PITTSBURGH PENGUINS DEVELOPMENT CAMP 2013 DAY 1 ANALYSIS By Dave Fryer, Contributor to The first day was broken into 2 sets of identical practice sessions, with 2 goaltenders and a mix of forwards and defensemen in each session. All drills were primarily centered on the basic skills of passing and shooting, with no contact, 1-on-1 play, or small-area games employed today. It was clear from the nature of the drills on the instructions being shouted by the on-ice staff that there is a strong emphasis on teaching the players how to better support the puck, getting to the right spot with speed, and communicating more to the player with the puck. The players collectively looked a bit nervous and out-of-sync at the start of each session, especially the fresh faces to the organization. As Assistant to the General Manger Tom Fitzgerald phrased it, “It’s still summer hockey.” But theRead More »