Will Doan look to be traded?


WILL DOAN LOOK TO BE TRADED? Despite a sweetheart deal on the table, Greg Jamison’s attempt to buy the Phoenix Coyotes has fallen apart and what isn’t shocking to anyone in league circles, Jamison didn’t have the money to close the deal. The Coyotes relocating to maybe Quebec, Seattle or Ontario in the next two to three years is becoming a strong possibility and the chances are increasing by the days, despite Gary Bettman trying to do everything he can to keep the team there so it doesn’t look like a mistake on his end. Will this impact Shane Doan’s future? The Coyotes captain waited until the last minute before the lockout to resign with the Coyotes due to their ownership mess, agreeing to a 4 year, $21.2 million contract in September with Phoenix, but Doan finishing the contract with the Coyotes franchise might be based on whether they stayRead More »

Doan remains likely to officially sign four year deal worth just north of $21 million with Coyotes in a few days


A steep price for a soon to be 36 year old, Shane Doan has reached an agreement with the Phoenix Coyotes on a four year deal worth just north of $21 million. The deal will carry a cap hit in excess of $5 million per season. Now it’s a waiting game this week to see if Doan ends up officially signing the deal. Doan has maintained he will sign before the CBA expires on September 15th and Doan hopes to officially sign the deal in a few days with Phoenix, assuming the Coyotes never ending sale to Greg Jamison remains on the right track. Jamison has brought on additional investors to come up with the money to secure the sale and according to NHL officials, the league is still pushing forward with the sale Jamison. When reached for comment, one NHL official though had doubt that the sale to Jamison would be officialRead More »

Morning NHL Buzz: Shane Doan getting close to finalizing four year deal with Coyotes


RANGERS CLEAR NO.2 OPTION AFTER COYOTES Shane Doan’s decision about 10 days ago to give prospective Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison more time to bring in new investors after meeting with Jamison in person on July 29th appears likely to pay off in the long-run. Word out of Doan’s camp late Wednesday night began to circulate that Doan is getting close to “putting pen on the paper” with a particular team, possibly by the end of the week, and that team is widely believed to be the Phoenix Coyotes with Greg Jamison finally making some headway on securing the sale of the franchise.

Doan’s camp becoming somewhat skeptical about Jamison being able to close deal with Coyotes & more rumblings


DOAN’S CAMP BECOMING SOMEWHAT SKEPTICAL ABOUT JAMISON BEING ABLE TO CLOSE DEAL At the end of the day, the Shane Doan situation may become more annoying to Pens fans than the pursuit of Jaromir Jagr last year and Zach Parise earlier this month. Once again, there’s a lot of different information coming out with Coyotes GM Don Maloney telling the Arizona Republic today that it “may be weeks” before Doan makes a decision, while word out of Doan’s camp today is that Doan is very likely to begin serious talks with teams on his shortlist by next week. While “serious negotiations” have yet to happen between Penguins and Doan, the Penguins are among the short-list of teams under strong consideration and could emerge as a favorite for Doan, if he leaves Phoenix, despite offering much less money than other interested teams. There is very strong interest from Doan in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, with Doan willingRead More »