NFL Quick Hits: Favre Mania; Goodell looking the other way


NFL Quick Hits The drama surrounding Brett Favre hit full steam on Tuesday as the Vikings sent three prominent players to Mississippi to visit Favre in an attempt to lure the 40 year old quarterback back to Minnesota. The tactic worked and hours later Favre boarded a private jet to Minnesota and will now return for a 20th season. On August 3rd, multiple reports indicated Favre was retiring, however, it was fitting that the boy who cried wolf of the NFL would announce his return just two weeks later. Once Favre arrived in Minnesota Tuesday afternoon, the coverage was reminiscent of the O.J. Simpson chase. Multiple helicopters from news channels were in the air tracking Favre’s every move. Favre will receive a salary of $13 million this season, although some reports have indicated over the past week that the Vikings offered a $4-to-$5 million bump in salary, which could pushRead More »