NFL Quick Hits
The drama surrounding Brett Favre hit full steam on Tuesday as the Vikings sent three prominent players to Mississippi to visit Favre in an attempt to lure the 40 year old quarterback back to Minnesota.
The tactic worked and hours later Favre boarded a private jet to Minnesota and will now return for a 20th season.
On August 3rd, multiple reports indicated Favre was retiring, however, it was fitting that the boy who cried wolf of the NFL would announce his return just two weeks later.
Once Favre arrived in Minnesota Tuesday afternoon, the coverage was reminiscent of the O.J. Simpson chase. Multiple helicopters from news channels were in the air tracking Favre’s every move.
Favre will receive a salary of $13 million this season, although some reports have indicated over the past week that the Vikings offered a $4-to-$5 million bump in salary, which could push Favre’s salary to $18-$20 million.
Some former NFLer’s have called Favre’s drama antics “sickening”. Former New England Patriots linebacker Teddy Brushchi blasted Favre on ESPN’s NFL Live show Tuesday afternoon.
Elsewhere around the League
*When the details surrounding Ben Roethlisberger’s rape accusation came out last April, the majority of fans including my self were disgusted by Roethlisberger’s behaivor.
The consensus was that Roethlisberger deserved some type of punishment despite not being charged, however, with the commissioner looking the other way at other incidents, Roethlisberger’s 6 game suspension looks like a travesty.
The latest was linebacker Rey Maualuga of the Cincinnati Bengals who was given a free pass after being fined two game checks by the NFL for a drunk-driving violation.
The second-year player from Southern California pleaded guilty to drunken driving in February and received a suspended sentence. Police said he hit a parking meter and two parked cars in northern Kentucky. He was charged with drunken and careless driving.
According to the Associated Press, the NFL was considering a one-game suspension for Maualuga but decided against it after listening to the arguments of his attorney, David Cornwell, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.
Coming into the NFL, Maualuga also had some character concerns and off field issues but for some reason, the commissioner turns his head the other way when it comes to players being charged with DUI’s. Maualuga hasn’t been the only culprit this off-season.
Recent incidents being overlooked has got some fans getting back on Roethlisberger’s side.
Vince Young not getting any punishment for starting a fight in a strip club has been well documented and of late, the commissioner also let Bengals running back Cedric Benson off the hook.
Police in Austin, Texas, charged Benson with misdemeanor assault last month for allegedly punching a bar employee in the face. Goodell said in a statement last Friday that he’s satisfied Benson understands his responsibilities as an NFL player and a public figure.
Roethlisberger’s suspension was more of a power trip high profile ruling than a suspension based on precedent.
Brady Quinn’s career as a future starter in the league continues to dwindle. Some saw Denver as the perfect opportunity for the former first round pick but Quinn is off to a horrible start with his new team.
In practices and games, he has not shown the ability to push Kyle Orton for the starting job. For now Quinn remains the second string QB, according to the Denver Post, but the belief is that Tim Tebow will open the season No. 2 on the depth chart.
*For all the Super Bowl hype surrounding the Baltimore Ravens, they have some major question marks in their secondary that can’t be overlooked. Most importantly, the uncertainty surrounding Ed Reed’s health is at the forefront.
Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun reports that Reed has been working extensively with his rehab doctor in Atlanta, which is viewed by the team as a positive sign, according to Hensley. Reed has yet to practice or play in the preseason. There is some concern that he could be sidelined for another four-to-six weeks and his hip could cause him issues for the rest of his career.
Reed considered retirement this off-season.
Depleted by injuries, the Ravens are actively exploring the trade market for a starting cornerback.