Steelers Morning Buzz on Woodley, Polamalu, Colon, Dwyer, Burress, Hoke, & Dixon


Steelers Morning Buzz on surprise of Burress one year deal; Plans for Polamalu, Woodley negotiations; Dwyer badly out of shape; Kugler a driving force in resigning Colon; Deals for Hoke, Dixon: — Sources say Steelers management was caught by surprise that Plaxico Burress agreed to a one year, $3.017 million deal, fully guaranteed with the New York Jets. The Steelers were in talks with Burress’ agent Drew Rosenhaus on a two year deal. The Steelers were not neccasairly surprised that Plaxico signed elsewhere but that it was a one year deal.  Rosenhaus, Burress had decided on taking a one year deal with a team they felt could maximize his compensation for a long-term deal in 2012. They had their sights set on the Eagles and Jets and whichever team offered what they were looking for, they would accept, which happened early Sunday morning. It is a risky move from Burress,Read More »