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Steelers Morning Buzz on surprise of Burress one year deal; Plans for Polamalu, Woodley negotiations; Dwyer badly out of shape; Kugler a driving force in resigning Colon; Deals for Hoke, Dixon:
— Sources say Steelers management was caught by surprise that Plaxico Burress agreed to a one year, $3.017 million deal, fully guaranteed with the New York Jets.
The Steelers were in talks with Burress’ agent Drew Rosenhaus on a two year deal. The Steelers were not neccasairly surprised that Plaxico signed elsewhere but that it was a one year deal.
 Rosenhaus, Burress had decided on taking a one year deal with a team they felt could maximize his compensation for a long-term deal in 2012.
They had their sights set on the Eagles and Jets and whichever team offered what they were looking for, they would accept, which happened early Sunday morning.
It is a risky move from Burress, Rosenhaus as Plaxico will be 35 for the start of next season.
— The Steelers lack adequate depth at nose tackle and informed veteran Chris Hoke last week that they wanted to bring him back but had to let their cap situation settle out first.
With things starting to fall into place, the team has agreed to terms with Hoke this morning. He will return as the primary backup to Casey Hampton.
— Offensive line coach Sean Kugler was a driving force in management stepping up to the plate and resigning Willie Colon last Thursday.
That says a lot from what Kugler has seen on tape, as he hasn’t coached Colon for an actual game, let alone a practice as Colon went down before training camp last year.

— We still have a while to go but Jonathan Dwyer is doing himself no favors. He has showed up to camp up out of shape and has performed badly through three practices.
The biggest concern from the coaching staff going into this season had been Dwyer’s weight/work ethic and he’s starting to already show why he was a 6th round pick.
Can’t see him making this team with Mendenhall, Moore, Redman and Batch in front of him.
— Since the weekend, the Steelers have been working on a new deal for quarterback Dennis Dixon who wants to leave Pittsburgh in the worst way. Dixon is actively looking for a trade and better opportunity, but there might not be one out there, which is expected to lead him back to Pittsburgh for at least the short-term.
Dixon wants to land somewhere where he can at least compete for the No. 2 quarterback job, although his primary goal is to be a starter.
— The Steelers have full intentions of opening up contract talks with Troy Polamalu on a new long-term deal this month.
Polamalu who still isn’t at 100 percent health, has intentions of playing another 3-to-4 years, according to a source close to the situation.
— Following the restructure of 3-to-5 veterans this week, the Steelers hope to officially finalize a new long-term deal for LaMarr Woodley. Hines Ward, Ben Roethlisberger, Casey Hampton have been three of the veterans the Steelers have been talking to this week, sources say. Hampton has a $6.076 million cap hit. 

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