1. Terrance Taylor- Michigan, Sr- First of all, the defensive tackle class this year is not too strong. Taylor is probably the front runner at this point. The big downside to Taylor is that he probably won’t be in for passing downs in the NFL, because he is primarily a run stopper.
2. B.J. Raji- Boston College, Sr- Raji is the best overall talent at defensive tackle this year but he has awful character issues that are driving teams away from him. Raji has been suspended and ejected for on-field problems.
3. Fili Moala- Southern California, Sr- Moala shows a lot of potential, but he needs to bulk up if he wants to be successful in the NFL. He has great quickness and agility but he can be overpowered at times.
4. Geno Atkins- Georgia, Jr- Atkins has the ability to jump up a few spots on this list and at this point he is definitely that top junior available. He is a solid run blocker, but the big thing with this guy is his ability to rush the passer.
5. Sen’Derrick Marks- Auburn, JrРMarks is pretty far behind Atkins at this point. In addition, he has some injury issues that could force him to come back for his senior season.

6. DeMarcus Granger- Oklahoma, Jr- Granger has major character issues right now. To make matters worse, Granger also has injury problems. Any NFL team looking at him right now has to wonder how much he is actually going to play for them. I don’t see Granger declaring for the draft after this season.
7. Peria Jerry- Ole Miss, Sr- If Jerry can avoid injury this season then he should go early in the second day but that is a big if. Jerry has great hands but he is a little slow at this point.
8. Vance Walker- Georgia Tech, Sr- Walker has phenomenal strength and a good work ethic. The one thing holding him back is his lack of quickness, agility, or any kind of speed. If he doesn’t get quicker than he will be nothing more than a short yardage plug in.
9. Evander Hood- Missouri, Sr- Hood looks like a late round selection at this point, he will need to get a little bigger if he wants to improve on that.
10. Terrence Cody- Alabama, Jr- Cody is very strong and is a definite run stopper, but he needs to lose some weight if he wants to be productive in the NFL.