1. James Laurinaitis- Ohio State, Sr- Laurinaitis is a very intelligent football player with a lot of speed and great tackling ability. There aren’t too many flaws in Laurinaitis’ game which is why he should go in the top 10.
2. Rey Maualuga- Southern California, Sr- Maualuga is another top 10 prospect at the inside linebacker spot. Maualuga is very quick and shows great closing speed.
3. Scott McKillop- Pittsburgh, Sr- McKillop struggles in pass coverage which is why he isn’t going to go where Maualuga and Laurinaitis will go; however, McKillop is the best tackler in the country and shows above average instincts on the field.
4. Brandon Spikes- Florida, Jr- Spikes is by far the best junior at the position. He is a solid tackler and could be the best in the country at inside linebacker in pass defense
5. Darry Beckwith- LSU, Sr- Beckwith is just about the same as McKillop at this point. He shows phenomenal tackling ability but he struggles in defense of the pass.

6. Dannell Ellerbe- Georgia, Sr- Ellerbe is a very well-rounded player but he has alcohol related character issues. I see that severely hurting his draft stock come April.
7. Dave Philistin- Maryland, Sr- Philistin is a solid tackler but he is horrendous at rushing the quarterback. That should drop him back to the second day at the very least.
8. Worrell Williams- California, Sr- Williams is a very powerful tackler with excellent timing. What will drop him down is his habit of getting beat in the passing game.
9. Josh Mauga- Nevada, Sr- Mauga is a very good tackler. He also is experienced in both the 4-3 and 3-4.
10. Joe Pawelek- Baylor, Jr- Pawelek is another example of an instinctive player with good tackling ability. If he declares this year he probably will end up going in the second day, but a good senior season could vault him into the first round.