72 hours and counting

Despite the 72 hour extension to extend free agency it‚Äôs still up in air whether a deal will get done. Owners such as Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft look like their the leaders of this purge that the league is better off without a salary cap. It‚Äôs really a shame what is going on and hopefully the two sides come upon a agreement. Around 4 in the afternoon on Thursday Gene Upshaw was contacted from the owners that another proposal is in the works. That‚Äôs the reason we saw the 72 hour extension. I believe in the end a deal will get done but it‚Äôs sort of looking like the situation we saw from the NHL last season. Remember in February when the league and players were just 6 million off the cap and logical reason was why not split in the middle at 45 million. Well we know how that ended up. The players would not come off their 49 million cap and which resulted  
a lockout. It’s just this NFL situation reminds me off it because the players have said they will not go for anything less than 60% of the revenue sharing. In the end expect a deal to be announced 3 p.m. est Sunday afternoon.

Steeler news

  • Word is that if the players and owners agree to an extension by Monday‚Äôs deadline Duce Staley will return to the Steelers. If not he will be gone. The Steelers have other needs than to go out and draft a running in the first or second round, so hopefully Duce ends up staying. He‚Äôs not only going to take Jeromes rule but if healthy he will be much more productive. As for Jeff Hartings, he may not be as lucky. Im telling you, if he doesn‚Äôt restructure his deal big time, he will not be back
  • As for Randle El, his situation is up in the air depending on the CBA extension. If a deal gets done, he will most likely land with the Bears or the Eagles.  

Around the league.

  • Drew Brees will not be a San Diego Charger next season. He will end up in Miami most likely but there is a slight chance Detroit makes a run at him
  • Despite Minnisota Vikings owner Ziggy Wilf claiming they will pick up, Daunte Culpepper‚Äôs bonus on march 17, expect him to still get traded. Culpepper and new coach Brad Childress have not seen eye to eye and it looks like a change for Daunte is in the works.  The Ravens have dropped out of the sweepstakes, but Miami, Oakland two teams to keep a eye on.
  • Chad Pennington will remain with the Jets after all. He really has no where to go. What team would offer him a starting job. Umm nobdy!
  • John Abraham is a name that has about 6-8 teams linked to him, but Denver and the Texans are the likely candidates to get him through a trade with the Jets.
  • Kerry Collins is still under contract with the Raiders but a release in immenent. The Ravens are a team that will most likely bring him in to compete with Kyle Boller

Bucco news

  • Pirates defeated the Nationals 9-1. Ryan Vogelson looked strong and im pulling for him to win the 5th starter job. It takes some pitchers a while to finally perform and the new coaching staff will turn this guy around. Big country Brad Eldred added a homer. He‚Äôs one player that if around the deadline this team is actually competing for a wild card spot, they should use of trade bait for a dire need. Everybody raves about this kid, but he is going to be 26 and he‚Äôs no young pup. They should lock up Sean Casey for a 3-4 yr extension then use Big country as trade bait to bring in another bat or a pitcher. Im only saying you do this situation if the Bucco‚Äôs are in the wild card race.  

Penguin news.

  • Right winger Mark Recchi has softened his stance about wanting to stay here. Now he‚Äôs saying he would welcome a trade, if only it benefits the Penguins. You knew that was coming, why would he want to stay here. He only came here because of Mario and now he‚Äôs gone so why stay.  He‚Äôs been most linked to Philadelphia but Calgary is one team that has been rumored that has lots of interest in the wreckinball.

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