Talbot rejects three year offer from Pens
Max Talbot has rejected a three year offer from the Penguins this week, Penguins GM Ray Shero told Dave Molinari of the Post-Gazette.
Talbot, 27, is seeking a four year deal and the Penguins are beleived to have offered Talbot a “slight” reduction in pay from his previous salary of $1.05 million.
Sources indicated earlier this week that based on a conversation with GM Ray Shero last week, Talbot was expecting the Penguins to offer a reduction in pay and somewhere in the $800,000 range.
A key for Talbot considering a reduction in pay is a four year deal.
Signs point to Talbot hitting the open market but according to sources involved in the situation, there remains an open line of communication leading up to July 1.
“The lines of communication are still open, for sure, ” the source indicated.

If Talbot hits free agency, as expected, it is highly expected that Talbot would give the Penguins a last chance to sign him.
However, it’s unlikely the Penguins will go much above the number they are offering now.
For Talbot to accept a paycut, sources close to him continue to indicate it’s going to take that crucial fourth year.