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Insider Only As expected, NHL remains headed towards a lengthy lockout

The NHL, as expected, remains headed towards a lengthy lockout as in months.
After pointless meetings this weekend about non-economic issues, that one league insider told me was a waste of time, things continue to be very discouraging about the core economic issues.

The NHL and NHLPA today met again to discuss the definition of hockey related revenue and no compromise is being made from either side. “Unless they show some willingness to compromise, I don’t know how we get this {deal} done, ” Bill Daly told reporters today when asked about the NHLPA.
Daly confirmed that “no progress” has been made and told reporters that no further meetings have been scheduled as talks again have recessed.
The league will announce the cancellation of regular season games this week.
The players for now intend to sit out the entire season in an attempt to get what they want, looking to take the route that the owners did in 2004-2005, which resulted in salary rollbacks and a hard salary cap, a clear win for the owners. The players, though, won’t be as lucky and they are going to lose this battle.

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