Kris Letang met the media for the first time since having a stroke and here are some highlights plus audio of his media session:
  • Letang said his recovery has good and bad days. “For right now have some good and bad days,” Letang said. “I’m going day to day to get 100%.” Letang mentioned some days are mentally tough and there’s different symptoms he deals with. “Symptoms to it, some days stronger than the other,” Letang said.
  • What Letang’s situation shows is that there’s more to life than hockey. Letang has a wife and kid and his wife found him laying on the ground when he had a stroke. “Certainly my family is really worried and that was difficult to manage……seeing my mom crying and my wife {crying},” Letang said. Letang mentioned he has enjoyed getting time to being around his son more.
  • As for his recovery Letang said he is taking things day by day. “I’m targeting day by day to try to improve everyday,” Letang said. “I come here and try to exercise. See doctors every two weeks. We’ll go from there.”
  • No one knows at this point if Letang will play again this season. I wouldn’t count on it and you can’t blame the guy even if he gets cleared in the next couple months that he decides to sit out until next season. Having a stroke is such a scary situation. The good news is doctors feel Letang will be able to resume his career at some point.

“They said with being 26 and having a stroke, a small percentage (people have them that young), chance that I get back to normal is really high. Kind of reassured me I will play again.”